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March 1, 2008

Another Häggeby rune stone

A little further from Häggeby rune stone and Häggeby church is another rune stone, this at the end of a little pathway in what appears to be the bottom of somebodies garden.

"Rúna had the landmark made in memory of Spjallboði and in memory of Sveinn and in memory of Andvéttr and in memory of Ragnarr, sons of her and Helgi/Egli/Engli; and Sigríðr in memory of Spjallboði, her husbandman. He died in Holmgarðr in Ólafr's church. Œpir carved the runes."


March 2, 2008

Skokloster slott

Skokloster slott lies on the shore of Lake Mälaren. It was something of a surprise to discover since I was following signs toward a motor museum.

Obviously more of a summer place than a winter place it was quite quiet in the area, with some work going on on the castle during its winter closure. The gardens show the remains of the formal layout, but without the maintainance they are now somewhat sad and sorry for themselves. The avenues of trees outlining the garden, though, are mostly the original lime trees planted during the 1600s. Leading to wonderful avenues of ancient trees around the perimeter.

IMGP2959.JPG Location
IMGP2966.JPG Location
IMGP2971.JPG Location
IMGP2973.JPG Location
IMGP2974.JPG Location
IMGP2979.JPG Location

March 3, 2008

Skokloster rune stones

In the churchyard of Skokloster Slott there are a couple of rune stones, one double sided.


March 4, 2008

Burnout Car

IMGP2993.JPG Location

March 5, 2008

Löt runestones

There are another couple of runestones at a junction of two small roads near Löt.

IMGP2995.JPG Location
IMGP2996.JPG Location
IMGP2997.JPG Location

March 6, 2008

Krägga service station

On my way back from exploring Löt I stopped for a coffee and cinnamon bun at Krägga service station, nestled in a green area between the two carriageways with a picnic area down the hillside to the waterfront.

IMGP3002.JPG Location
IMGP3004.JPG Location

March 7, 2008

Nyköping in daylight

We visited Nyköping again, in daylight this time. And found the place full of statues.


March 8, 2008

Swedens first motorway chapel

On our way back from Nyköping we stopped at a service station and discovered Swedens first motorway chapel.


March 9, 2008

More fun with google maps

Journey information for these entries:

March 10, 2008

Kista after dark

There was a spooky night in Kista.


March 11, 2008


We passed Gullmarsplan on the coach from the airport one evening, it looked like a place worth revisiting in the daylight.


March 12, 2008


I caught the first bus to leave Kista one day, it took me to Jakobsberg. Something of an odd place, being grey and concrete much like Kista but someone seems to have stolen all of the art.

IMGP3044.JPG Location
IMGP3046.JPG Location
IMGP3048.JPG Location
IMGP3047.JPG Location


March 13, 2008


After Jakobsberg I took the train to Sundbyberg and walked up the hill to Näckrosen.

IMGP3053.JPG Location
IMGP3054.JPG Location
IMGP3056.JPG Location
IMGP3059.JPG Location


March 14, 2008

Another walk to Rinkeby

I followed a different route across the parkland to Rinkeby

IMGP3033.JPG Location
IMGP3035.JPG Location
IMGP3036.JPG Location

Journey map

March 15, 2008

Kista Stone Woman

In the square behind the Galleria in Kista galleria lies a Stone Woman.

IMGP3039.JPG Location
IMGP3040.JPG Location

Journey map

March 23, 2008


I drove to Uppsala to have a brief look around before I had to return the car. It struck me as a place I would like to return to for a better look around at some point.

IMGP3061.JPG Location
IMGP3062.JPG Location
IMGP3063.JPG Location
IMGP3064.JPG Location
IMGP3092.JPG Location
IMGP3104.JPG Location


March 24, 2008

Uppsala runestones

Walking around Uppsala I found a square full of rune stones.

IMGP3070.JPG Location
IMGP3071.JPG Location
IMGP3072.JPG Location U938 - "Holmfast lät resa stenen till minne av lgulger, sin fader, och Torbjörn"
IMGP3074.JPG Location U943 - "Björn och...stenen efter...ande"
IMGP3076.JPG Location U937 - "Tjägn och Gunnar reste stenarna till minne av Väder, sin broder."
IMGP3078.JPG Location U939 - "Forkunn och Brune läto göra minnesmärket efter lgulfast, sin fader."
IMGP3080.JPG Location U940 - "Igul och Torger lät uppresa stenen till minne av Kättilfast, sin far. Hjälpte själen. Gillög. Öpir rådde runorna"
IMGP3082.JPG Location
IMGP3083.JPG Location
IMGP3084.JPG Location U932 - ""Muli ... ... [r]etta stæin thenna æftiR Svarthaufdha, brodhur sinn. Asmundr. Ingiald/Ingialdr. Muli ok Gunn...(?) o[k] Ig[ulf]astr(?) o[k] ... ... th[au]n letu retta stæin thenna æftiR Svarthauf[dha by]gg[i i] Sudhrby." "Múli ... ... this stone erected in memory of Svarthôfdhi, their brother. Ásmundr, Ingjald/Ingjaldr, Múli and Gunn-...(?) and Ígulfastr(?) and ... ... they had this stone erected in memory of Svarthôfdhi. (He) lived in Sudhrbýr."
IMGP3086.JPG Location U489 - "Gullaug(?) let gæra bro fyr and "GillaugaR, dottur sinnaR ok sum atti UlfR. ØpiR risti." "Gullaug(?) had the bridge made for the spirit of Gillaug, her daughter, and whom Ulfr owned (i.e. was married to). Öpir carved."
IMGP3088.JPG Location
IMGP3089.JPG Location - U1011 - ""Vígmundr lét hôggva stein at sik sjalfan, slœgjastr manna. "Gudh hjalpi sál "Vígmundar sty´rimanns. "Vígmundr ok "Áfrídhr hjoggu merki at kvikvan sik." "Vígmundr had the stone cut in memory of himself, the most skillful of men. May God help Vígmundr the captain's soul. Vígmundr and Áfrídhr cut the landmark in memory of themselves while alive."
IMGP3091.JPG Location


March 25, 2008

More Uppsala rune stones

After leaving Uppsala I found some more rune stones. I believe these are U962, U963, U964 and U965, based on finding them outside Vaksala church, but cannot find any information on their inscriptions or translations (can anyone read runes?).

Updated: This site suggests some translations.
IMGP3108.JPG Location
IMGP3109.JPG Location "... in memory of himself while alive and ... Fastgeirr(?)"
IMGP3110.JPG Location "Neskonungr had ... Ígulbjôrn, his father; and Inga in memory of her husbandman. God and God's mother ... your(?) [soul], Ígulbjôrn."
IMGP3111.JPG Location "Ketilfríðr had the stone placed for the spirit of Sveinn, (her) husbandman ...-laug's and(?) Ginnlaug's."
IMGP3112.JPG Location


March 26, 2008

Another walk around Gamla Stan

We took another walk around the back streets of Gamla Stan.

IMGP3121.JPG Location
IMGP3124.JPG Location
IMGP3128.JPG Location
IMGP3131.JPG Location
IMGP3139.JPG Location
IMGP3144.JPG Location

March 28, 2008

Hässelby Strand

We went to Hässelby Strand, at the end of the Tunnelbana line. Although the lakeside there is closeby the station there are rather too many blocks of modern flats around the area for it to really be an interesting place.

Some pictures from 1950s (in Swedish, but theres quite a nice collection of pictures on most of the pages there).

IMGP3148.JPG Location
IMGP3149.JPG Location
IMGP3151.JPG Location

March 29, 2008

Kista woods

This easter it snowed here again - this time I thought I would take a wander in the opposite direction to last time. I found a pathway through some woods which has now been severed by an extensive set of roadworks.

IMGP3163.JPG Location
IMGP3166.JPG Location
IMGP3167.JPG Location

March 30, 2008

Akalla heatworks

Outside the Akalla municipal heatworks is a little reminder of times passed.

IMGP3170.JPG Location

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