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Some pictures from around our flat in Akalla.

IMGP1447.JPG An office & restaurant
IMGP1450.JPG Microsoft offices
IMGP1452.JPG Our flat (yes, that is a dual carriage way...nice and quiet)
IMGP1465.JPG The bridge over the road
IMGP1466.JPG The front of our apartment building
IMGP1467.JPG A concrete horse - the roads here are said to be infested with "farmers farming concrete cows", because many roadworks are barricaded off with blocks of concrete that look like cows, this is a variant on the same theme. I tried, but failed, to explain Milton Keynes....as an aside, "A Swedish Organization called The Militant Graffiti Artists of Stockholm has kidnapped and decapitated one of the cows of the Stockholm [cow parade] in protest of the publicly provisioned cows carrying advertisements."
IMGP1486.JPG A roadside cast dog


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