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If instead of heading toward my office from the flat in Akalla I were to head the other way, I would find myself in Hägerstalund and Barkaby Flygfält, a small airfield with a suprisingly sloping runway.

Hägerstalund appears to be a small fairly traditional farmstead, with an emphasis on horses although not quite like a stable we would get back home. (not that I really know anything about stables, mind). It is on the edge of the Hansta nature reserve, followed the path around the edge of the nature reserve and was surprised to find a collection of small aircraft hangers.

Further around my circuit I found a motocross course (MC-bana on the map, which makes sense if you know what it is), but by the time I was there it was getting dark so no pictures of it.

IMGP1495.JPG An aircraft
IMGP1496.JPG Professionally painted guiding lines
IMGP1497.JPG A car hiding in the woods
IMGP1500.JPG One of the oldest known roads in the area, believed to be over 1000 years old (if my reading of the explanatory notice is correct) - something about this road felt really friendly, but I don't know what


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