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More Uppsala rune stones

After leaving Uppsala I found some more rune stones. I believe these are U962, U963, U964 and U965, based on finding them outside Vaksala church, but cannot find any information on their inscriptions or translations (can anyone read runes?).

Updated: This site suggests some translations.
IMGP3108.JPG Location
IMGP3109.JPG Location "... in memory of himself while alive and ... Fastgeirr(?)"
IMGP3110.JPG Location "Neskonungr had ... Ígulbjôrn, his father; and Inga in memory of her husbandman. God and God's mother ... your(?) [soul], Ígulbjôrn."
IMGP3111.JPG Location "Ketilfríðr had the stone placed for the spirit of Sveinn, (her) husbandman ...-laug's and(?) Ginnlaug's."
IMGP3112.JPG Location



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