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Broby bro runestones

This first looks a lot like other rocks in the ground in this area, but I stopped to take a closer look because of the little information board by it - even standing next to it it wasn't obvious it was actually a carved stone.
IMGP3304.JPG Location
IMGP3306.JPG Location
IMGP3307.JPG Location
U163 "Gamall and Sveinn and Farulfr had the rock-slab carved in memory of Þórir, their father; and Gamall in memory of his foster-father. ...-fastr cut."
IMGP3310.JPG Location
U151 "Þorbjôrn and Ingiþóra had this stone raised in memory of Ígull, their father; and Erinvé in memory of her husbandman and in memory of ..."
IMGP3311.JPG Location
"Jarlabanki ... He met his end in Greece."
IMGP3312.JPG Location
"... carved the runes ... may help... his"
These last two are U139 & U140 (though I don't know which way around)
IMGP3314.JPG Location
IMGP3326.JPG Location
U150 "* iarla*b]aki * auk * fastui * litu * raisa * stina * aftiR [* suain * sun * sin"
"Iarlabanki ok Fastvi letu ræisa stæina æftiR Svæin, sun sinn."
"Jarlabanki and Fastvé had the stones raised in memory of Sveinn, their son."
IMGP3327.JPG Location


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