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Vallentuna Kyrka runestones

Vallentuna church is home to a number of rune stones, some have modern interpretations.

There are a number of runestones in the churchyard here, though a couple of them are not in the traditional style.
IMGP3351.JPG Location
U219 "Andorr/Arnþórr shaped this fair stone ..."
IMGP3352.JPG Location
U212 "× iarlibaki × lit × raisa × stan + þina × a... ... ...kuan + han × ati ain × tabu × alan × -... ... ont hans +"
"Iarlabanki let ræisa stæin þenna a[t sik kvi]kvan. Hann atti æinn Tæby allan. [Guð hialpi] and hans."
"Jarlabanki had this stone raised in memory of himself while alive. He alone owned all of Tábýr. May God help his spirit."
Unfortunately I didn't notice the B-side of this stone, nor could I get inside the church because there was a service in progress and I didn't want to disrupt it looking for a rune stone.
IMGP3354.JPG Location
IMGP3355.JPG Location
U220 "Dávið shaped."
IMGP3356.JPG Location
IMGP3358.JPG Location
U221 "... in memory of Sigfastr(?)..."
IMGP3360.JPG Location


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