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The next stop on the Golden Circle tour was the Gullfoss waterfall.

This is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world - certainly it is awe inspiring. The course of the water has changed recently and you can walk around on what was previously the bed across which the water flowed.

They say that noone has ever gone over the falls and survived - and standing on the top next to the water going over the edge you can see why. The water falls into a chasm, the depth of which cannot be seen.

Oddly, we didn't quite appreciate the scale of the place when were there, it only became clear quite how large and powerful it is once we got home and saw these pictures.

IMGP3953.JPG Location
IMGP3954.JPG Location
IMGP3955.JPG Location
IMGP3958.JPG Location
These people are stood on the rock by the small fall at the top.
IMGP3960.JPG Location
IMGP3962.JPG Location
IMGP3965.JPG Location
IMGP3967.JPG Location
IMGP3969.JPG Location
IMGP3971.JPG Location


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