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Uppsala church rune stones

In the grounds of Uppsala Cathedral there are more runestones
IMGP5117.JPG Location - U933
"Borga let ræisa stæin æftiR Stynbior[n] ... [Th]orkell let æftiR brodhur sinn."
"Borga had the stone raised in memory of Stynbjôrn ... Thorkell had (it raised) in memory of his brother."
IMGP5119.JPG Location
IMGP5120.JPG Location - U935
IMGP5122.JPG Location U934
"ThoriR ok HrøRikR / HrødhingR / RydhingR ok Karl, thæiR br[ødhr] ..."
"Thórir and Hrœríkr / Hrœdhingr / Rydhingr and Karl, these brothers ..."
IMGP5123.JPG Location - U931
IMGP5125.JPG Location
IMGP5127.JPG Location Unknown
IMGP5128.JPG Location
IMGP5116.JPG Location


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