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Gällsta runestones

Part of the Runriket
"In Gällsta, there are three rune stones that mention four generations of the same clan. There is a fourth stone as well, but it has no inscription, only a cross. One of the stones has been signed by Öpir, one of the most common rune carvers of the later 11th century. On another stone, you can clearly see the repair marks that were made after it had been cut in two in the 19th century to by used as gateposts at a nearby farm."
Upplands 232:
"tosti ÷ uk ' sihus ' uk ' sihmar ' litu ' raisa ' sta-- * iftiR ÷ tuba ÷ faþur * sin"
"Tosti ok Sigfuss ok Sigmarr letu ræisa stæ[in] æftiR Tobba/Tubba, faður sinn."
"Tosti and Sigfúss and Sigmarr had the stone raised in memory of Tobbi/Tubbi, their father."
Upplands 231:
"iþinui ' uk ' austain ' uk ' ulfr ' uk * ol(a)[fr * litu * raisa * s]tain * iftiR hal(f)tan faþur sin"
"Heðinvi ok Øystæinn ok UlfR ok OlafR letu ræisa stæin æftiR Halfdan, faður sinn."
"Heðinvé and Eysteinn and Ulfr and Ólafr had the stone raised in memory of Halfdan, their father."
Upplands 229:
"halfntan ÷ auk ' tubi ÷ litu ' risa ' stin ' at ' huta ' faþur ' sin ' sun * þorbiarn ÷ ybir ÷ risti * ruan"
"Halfdan ok Tobbi/Tubbi letu ræisa stæin at Udda, faður sinn, sun ÞorbiarnaR. ØpiR risti runaR."
"Halfdan and Tobbi/Tubbi had the stone raised in memory of Oddi, their father, Þorbjôrn's son. Œpir carved the runes."


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