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MPH performance car show

After the Street Cars Fest at Kista Mässan we had high hopes for MPH. Sadly it seemed a little sparse, though A. rather liked the Atom. I discovered when I checked the photos that I'd mostly taken pictures of the classics corner.
2009-04-25/DSCN0479.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0480.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0481.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0482.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0483.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0484.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0485.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0486.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0487.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0488.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0489.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0490.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0492.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0499.JPG 2009-04-25/DSCN0500.JPG


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