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Skansen open air museum

We accidentally decided to go to the Skansen museum - we went on a bus tour of the city, which drove around Djurgården (among other places) pointing out the attractions available there. We thought there was some deal for getting in cheaply because we'd been on the bus tour but had managed to get ourselves confused. But we decided to go anyway.

It is an open air museum taking up much of the island. It started as a collection of buildings from around Sweden before the industrialisation of the country. So theres a lot of buildings which don't appear to be in their correct context (which gave the place a slightly sickly sweet Disney meets New England feel).

First stop was food, we climbed from the entrance up to the nearest cafe, sat upon a tall rocky outcrop. The venison stew was remarkably good value (being something like 10 krona more than you'd pay for a McDonalds hamburger) and gave A. her first taste of lingonberries. Just what we needed.

We noticed a lot of people carrying big bags of apples, and decided to go the direction they came from. There was an apple and pear festival going on, but the poor pears hardly had a look in, the apples stole the show. There were a number of stalls selling apples in various forms, mostly raw for later consumption but you could have them cooked in different ways.

The museum, as well as having many buildings from all over the country, houses a zoo with a number of animal enclosures and walks through reproductions of rural scenes.

IMGP1346.JPG A summer house
IMGP1348.JPG Flagpoles over the city
IMGP1349.JPG A windmill
IMGP1353.JPG A view across the city
IMGP1354.JPG The home of the apple festival
IMGP1360.JPG A wood pile
IMGP1361.JPG A. on a bridge
IMGP1365.JPG Me on a different bridge
IMGP1367.JPG A milestone
IMGP1368.JPG A scary sculpture
IMGP1370.JPG A wooden guardian
IMGP1378.JPG Tree of dummies, in the childrens petting zoo, I'm not quite sure of the logic behind this but there appeared to be a collection of dummies arranged in rainbow colours wrapped around a tree, quite a surreal exhibit
IMGP1383.JPG A tower in the grounds
IMGP1394.JPG Rocks in the zoo
IMGP1395.JPG Bears
IMGP1399.JPG An ancient house looking out over the sea
IMGP1400.JPG A. looking out over the sea
IMGP1403.JPG Me laying claim to the ancient house
IMGP1405.JPG Unknown antenna building in the distance
IMGP1406.JPG Works on a building, what a fabulous ladder
IMGP1409.JPG City skyline
IMGP1411.JPG Reindeer
IMGP1412.JPG A. with a wooden reindeer
IMGP1413.JPG The wooden reindeer
IMGP1417.JPG Another view over the city


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