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Reykjavik walking tour - part 4

(see also part 1, part 2 and part 3)
IMGP3841.JPG Location
Looking up one of the main shopping streets toward Hallgrímskirkja.
IMGP3843.JPG Location
Frivolous schoolgirls, just like every other city in the world.
IMGP3844.JPG Location
Looking down from the main street toward the waterfront.
IMGP3845.JPG Location
The foreigners meeting house - this building is the centre around which all immigrants revolve, it is now getting a lot more use with the influx of foreigners moving to the country.
IMGP3846.JPG Location
The old library.
IMGP3847.JPG Location
The secure facility, where criminals are locked up, the island doesn't have a high crime rate.


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