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Reykjavik walking tour - part 5

(see also part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4)
IMGP3848.JPG Location
The opera house.
IMGP3850.JPG Location
A statue on the hill.
IMGP3853.JPG Location
The Danish king giving the Iclandic people their constitution.
IMGP3855.JPG Location
The Islandic ambassador receiving the consitution.
IMGP3856.JPG Location
A burned down building, this was purchased by the government to be rebuilt rather than let it fall into the hands of an unsympathetic multinational chain who wouldn't be able to retain the original character of the building. Work in progress. Although not much, by the looks of things.
IMGP3859.JPG Location
Back to the main square outside the tourist office - there are steam vents here, lending a somewhat eerie air to the place.


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