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September 1, 2008

Norderön beach

The Viking longhouse is situated in a forest leading down to the beach of Norderön.

September 2, 2008

Sky over Storsjön

Some views of the sky over Storsjön from Norderön.

September 3, 2008

Viking Banquet

The Viking banquet in the Longhouse.

September 4, 2008

Vikings at night

Vikings on Norderön beach, for a reenactment of a ritual.

September 5, 2008

Enjoying Storsjön

Vikings enjoying the lake at the bottom of the garden. There are beautiful views over the lake to the mountains in the background.

September 6, 2008

Sun in the longhouse

Sun shining through the 'chimney' of the Longhouse.

September 7, 2008


After we finished with the Vikings we stayed in the city of Östersund.
IMGP4800.JPG Location
IMGP4801.JPG Location

September 8, 2008


Over the Storsjön from Östersund is the island of Frösön.
IMGP4790.JPG Location

September 9, 2008

Frösön runestone

The rune stone on Frösön is the most northerly rune stone discovered so far.
IMGP4792.JPG Location
IMGP4793.JPG Location
IMGP4794.JPG Location

September 10, 2008

Norderön & Frösön wood art

I found some Ugly Wood Art on Norderön and Frösön.

September 11, 2008

Jamtli old world

On the north side of Östersund is Jamtli, an open air museum somewhat like Skansen.
IMGP4870.JPG Location
IMGP4874.JPG Location
IMGP4824.JPG Location
IMGP4835.JPG Location

September 12, 2008

Jamtli new world

The open air museum at Jamtli also has some more modern exhibits than those at Skansen.
IMGP4829.JPG Location
IMGP4844.JPG Location

September 13, 2008

Jamtli monsters

We found some Papier-maché monsters outside the hippie house in Jamtli.
IMGP4845.JPG Location
IMGP4846.JPG Location
IMGP4847.JPG Location
IMGP4848.JPG Location
IMGP4849.JPG Location
IMGP4851.JPG Location

September 14, 2008

Tullinge Flygplats

It was the hottest day of the summer when I went to find the classic car show at Tullinge Airfield.
IMGP4881.JPG Location
IMGP4882.JPG Location
IMGP4884.JPG Location
IMGP4891.JPG Location

September 15, 2008

On the way to the Tullinge car show

It took me a long time wandering around Tullinge Flygplats area before I found the car show. You can see why from the entrance...I had actually been past it on the bus without recognising it.
IMGP4941.JPG Location
IMGP4890.JPG Location
IMGP4892.JPG Location
IMGP4893.JPG Location
IMGP4894.JPG Location
IMGP4896.JPG Location
IMGP4898.JPG Location
IMGP4900.JPG Location
IMGP4901.JPG Location
IMGP4904.JPG Location

September 16, 2008

Classic car market in Tullinge

After walking nearly two miles down the road to the airfield I found the classic car market and meet.
IMGP4905.JPG Location
IMGP4908.JPG Location
IMGP4916.JPG Location
IMGP4922.JPG Location

September 17, 2008

Classic Swedish cars in Tullinge

At the Tullinge Classic Car Market there were, of course, quite a collection of classic cars from all kinds of places. Here are some pictures of Swedish cars.
IMGP4907.JPG Location
IMGP4910.JPG Location
IMGP4937.JPG Location
IMGP4913.JPG Location
IMGP4914.JPG Location
IMGP4919.JPG Location
IMGP4923.JPG Location
IMGP4928.JPG Location

September 18, 2008

Classic German cars in Tullinge

Some classic German cars at the Tullinge Classic Car Market
(see also Swedish cars)
IMGP4906.JPG Location
IMGP4929.JPG Location
IMGP4936.JPG Location

September 19, 2008

Classic British cars in Tullinge

(see also Swedish cars and German cars)
IMGP4930.JPG Location
IMGP4934.JPG Location
IMGP4935.JPG Location

September 20, 2008

Classic American cars in Tullinge

(see also Swedish cars, German cars and British cars)
IMGP4912.JPG Location
IMGP4915.JPG Location
IMGP4917.JPG Location
IMGP4920.JPG Location
IMGP4925.JPG Location
IMGP4926.JPG Location
IMGP4927.JPG Location
IMGP4931.JPG Location
IMGP4932.JPG Location
IMGP4933.JPG Location

September 21, 2008

Street Car Fest - Barkarby Flygplats

The Street Cars Fest came to Barkarby Flygplats. There were a few of the same cars as last time, but unfortunately this was outside, in the corner of a retail park car park, and it was a rainy day so not so many people turned up with their cars.
IMGP4949.JPG Location
IMGP4952.JPG Location
IMGP4953.JPG Location
IMGP4955.JPG Location
IMGP4958.JPG Location
IMGP4959.JPG Location
IMGP4961.JPG Location
IMGP4964.JPG Location
IMGP4967.JPG Location
IMGP4969.JPG Location
IMGP4972.JPG Location
IMGP4977.JPG Location
IMGP4978.JPG Location
IMGP4979.JPG Location

September 22, 2008


Skärholmen is a suburban district to the southwest of the city, just over the E4 from Heron City.
IMGP4990.JPG Location
IMGP4994.JPG Location
IMGP4996.JPG Location
IMGP4997.JPG Location
IMGP5005.JPG Location

September 23, 2008

Barkarby runestone

IMGP5054.JPG Location
IMGP5057.JPG Location
"Åsgöt lät resa stenen...(efter sin) make."
"This runic stone which dates to the 11th century was rediscovered during the middle of the 19th century and used then, broken in two parts, as stone stairs in the village of Egglunda located som 100 meters farther west. Only the lower part of the runic stone is preserved."
Upplands runinskrifter 84

September 24, 2008

Sundbyberg revisited

I went to Sundbyberg again.
IMGP5072.JPG Location
IMGP5076.JPG Location

September 25, 2008

Classics on the road around Barkarby

While I was out exploring Sundbyberg I found a Ferrari to take some pictures of, and got talking to the owner who suggested I visit a car show at Barkarby Flygplats. There were quite a lot of classics on the streets around the area.
IMGP5059.JPG Location
IMGP5075.JPG Location
IMGP5079.JPG Location
IMGP5081.JPG Location
IMGP5082.JPG Location
IMGP5083.JPG Location
IMGP5084.JPG Location

September 26, 2008

Classic cars at Barkarby

I followed the trail of cars on the streets around Barkarby to find the show on the Flygplats. There was more focus on American cars than at the last show at Tullinge.
IMGP5150.JPG Location
IMGP5161.JPG Location
IMGP5162.JPG Location

September 27, 2008

Classic American cars at Barkarby

Some classic American cars at Barkarby, some of these turned up at Tullinge.
IMGP5088.JPG Location
IMGP5093.JPG Location
IMGP5096.JPG Location
IMGP5097.JPG Location
IMGP5098.JPG Location
IMGP5110.JPG Location
IMGP5121.JPG Location
IMGP5157.JPG Location
IMGP5158.JPG Location

September 28, 2008

Classic American muscle cars at Barkarby

Some more American classics, muscle cars this time.
IMGP5090.JPG Location
IMGP5094.JPG Location
IMGP5099.JPG Location
IMGP5100.JPG Location
IMGP5101.JPG Location
IMGP5104.JPG Location
IMGP5105.JPG Location
IMGP5106.JPG Location
IMGP5118.JPG Location
IMGP5120.JPG Location
IMGP5125.JPG Location
IMGP5126.JPG Location
IMGP5127.JPG Location
IMGP5130.JPG Location
IMGP5132.JPG Location
IMGP5133.JPG Location
IMGP5134.JPG Location
IMGP5135.JPG Location
IMGP5136.JPG Location
IMGP5138.JPG Location
IMGP5139.JPG Location
IMGP5140.JPG Location
IMGP5142.JPG Location
IMGP5143.JPG Location
IMGP5144.JPG Location
IMGP5145.JPG Location
IMGP5146.JPG Location
IMGP5147.JPG Location
IMGP5148.JPG Location
IMGP5151.JPG Location
IMGP5154.JPG Location
IMGP5156.JPG Location
IMGP5163.JPG Location
IMGP5170.JPG Location
IMGP5171.JPG Location
IMGP5174.JPG Location
IMGP5183.JPG Location
IMGP5187.JPG Location
IMGP5191.JPG Location

September 29, 2008

Modern American muscle cars at Barkarby

Some more American muscle cars.
IMGP5085.JPG Location
IMGP5102.JPG Location
IMGP5115.JPG Location
IMGP5141.JPG Location
IMGP5152.JPG Location
IMGP5153.JPG Location

September 30, 2008

Classic Italian cars at Barkarby

Alongside the American cars there were a few from Italy.
IMGP5089.JPG Location
IMGP5091.JPG Location

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