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October 1, 2008

Vintage American car at Barkarby

Along with the American classics there was the occasional vintage car.
IMGP5108.JPG Location

October 2, 2008

Classic Swedish cars in Barkarby

Some classic Swedish cars at Barkarby,
IMGP5109.JPG Location
IMGP5129.JPG Location

October 3, 2008

American custom cars at Barkarby

Some custom cars based around American cars
IMGP5111.JPG Location
IMGP5113.JPG Location
IMGP5117.JPG Location
IMGP5131.JPG Location
IMGP5160.JPG Location

October 4, 2008


Between Gamla Stan and Djurgården is the royal island of Skeppsholmen, with a number of museums and beautiful views across the water to other parts of the city.
IMGP5234.JPG Location
IMGP5241.JPG Location
IMGP5244.JPG Location
IMGP5255.JPG Location
IMGP5257.JPG Location
IMGP5259.JPG Location

October 5, 2008

Art on Skeppsholmen

On the island of Skeppsholmen is some art outside the modern art museum.
IMGP5216.JPG Location
IMGP5221.JPG Location
IMGP5225.JPG Location

October 6, 2008

Gröna Lund

After Skeppsholmen, we took the ferry over to Djurgården where we went to Gröna Lund to win more Daim bars than we can realistically eat.
IMGP5262.JPG Location
IMGP5263.JPG Location

October 7, 2008

Gamla Uppsala

We stopped by Uppsala, visiting the old town this time. I was expecting this to be more of a town, instead it is the site of the ancient village, with a number of burial mounds and a lot of history.
IMGP5290.JPG Location
IMGP5291.JPG Location

October 8, 2008

Gamla Uppsala rune stones

There are a couple of rune stones by the church in Gamla Uppsala.
IMGP5294.JPG Location U979
IMGP5295.JPG Location U980
"Eilífr and Sigviðr had the stone raised in memory of Véfastr, their father."
IMGP5297.JPG Location
IMGP5298.JPG Location U978
"Sigviðr, traveller to England, raised this stone in memory of Védjarfr, (his) father ... ... ... "

October 9, 2008


We visited Norrtälje, a small industrial town to the north east of Stockholm.
IMGP5305.JPG Location
IMGP5307.JPG Location
IMGP5311.JPG Location
IMGP5312.JPG Location

October 10, 2008


Beyond Norrtälje is a small peninsula with a port on the end of it. From here you can catch boats to Helsinki, Turku and various ports in Poland and Estonia.
IMGP5329.JPG Location
IMGP5330.JPG Location
IMGP5336.JPG Location

October 11, 2008

World Hovercraft Championship

The World Hovercraft Championship came to Stockholm, so we had to go and see. In many ways it reminded me of the old karting days, with a number of heats of different class craft culminating in a final at the end of the day.

It was an exciting day out, with some fantastic races, the smell of two stroke engines and machine oil, and the sound of a lot of air being blown around. The most exciting race had around 15 entrants and ended up with two craft nearly sinking, leading it to be called off early and rerun later.

(pictures from camera phone and rescued from main camera after something of a technical hitch involving corrupt file systems)

October 12, 2008

Hovercraft paddock

The paddock at the World Hovercraft Championship

October 13, 2008

Street Car Fest - the track

Street Car Fest came to the Barkarby Flygplats, this was a much bigger day than the last one, in the corner of a car park on a rainy day. And the cars more real, somehow, than the classic cars the week before.
IMGP4525.JPG Location
IMGP4562.JPG Location
IMGP4567.JPG Location
IMGP4577.JPG Location

October 14, 2008

Street Car Fest - American cars

Some American cars on show at the Street Car Fest.
IMGP4527.JPG Location
IMGP4532.JPG Location
IMGP4536.JPG Location
IMGP4542.JPG Location
IMGP4551.JPG Location
IMGP4559.JPG Location
IMGP4580.JPG Location
IMGP4586.JPG Location
IMGP4587.JPG Location

October 15, 2008

Street Car Fest - Japanese cars

Some Japanese cars at Street Cars Fest
(see American cars and the track)
IMGP4528.JPG Location
IMGP4529.JPG Location
IMGP4543.JPG Location
IMGP4554.JPG Location
IMGP4568.JPG Location

October 16, 2008

Street Car Fest - Swedish cars

Some Swedish cars at the Street Cars Fest.
(See also American cars, Japanese cars and the track)
IMGP4531.JPG Location
IMGP4533.JPG Location
IMGP4585.JPG Location
IMGP4539.JPG Location
IMGP4540.JPG Location
IMGP4548.JPG Location

October 17, 2008

Street Car Fest - German cars

A stylish German car, my old sysadmin used to drive a car like this.
(see also American cars, Japanese cars, Swedish cars and the track)
IMGP4534.JPG Location
IMGP4564.JPG Location
IMGP4565.JPG Location
IMGP4579.JPG Location

October 18, 2008

Street Car Fest - hot rods

Some hot rods at the Street Cars Fest. There's something wonderful about a car whose engine doesn't all fit under the bonnet.
(see also American cars, Swedish cars, Japanese cars, German car and the track)
IMGP4544.JPG Location
IMGP4545.JPG Location
IMGP4549.JPG Location
IMGP4550.JPG Location
IMGP4561.JPG Location
IMGP4570.JPG Location
IMGP4571.JPG Location
IMGP4535.JPG Location

October 19, 2008

Street Car Fest - custom car

A custom car at the Street Cars Fest.
(see also American cars, Japanese cars, Swedish cars, German car, Hot Rods and the track)
IMGP4582.JPG Location
IMGP4584.JPG Location

October 20, 2008

Eskiltuna Parken Zoo - animals

We took a drive out to Eskiltuna Parken Zoo (Swedish), 100km West of Stockholm.
IMGP4601.JPG Location
IMGP4611.JPG Location
IMGP4623.JPG Location
IMGP4633.JPG Location
IMGP4643.JPG Location
IMGP4650.JPG Location
IMGP4661.JPG Location
IMGP4676.JPG Location

October 21, 2008

Eskiltuna Parken Zoo - art

Some art around Parken Zoo.
IMGP4590.JPG Location
IMGP4591.JPG Location
IMGP4607.JPG Location
IMGP4630.JPG Location
IMGP4672.JPG Location
IMGP4698.JPG Location

October 22, 2008

Eskiltuna Parken Zoo - buildings

Some buildings at Parken Zoo.
IMGP4654.JPG Location
IMGP4655.JPG Location
IMGP4702.JPG Location

October 23, 2008

A at Eskiltuna Parken Zoo

A. at Parken Zoo.
IMGP4680.JPG Location
IMGP4684.JPG Location
IMGP4693.JPG Location

October 24, 2008


We set out to find the Tyresta but for various reasons we ended up on the wrong road and found Tyresö slott instead. In the castle is a health spa and a small cafe, literally in the kitchen of the castle. You can sit at the kitchen table watching the food being made.
IMGP4709.JPG Location
IMGP4711.JPG Location
IMGP4714.JPG Location

October 25, 2008

Revisiting Ulriksdals Slott

I took A. to Ulriksdals slott.
IMGP4731.JPG Location

October 26, 2008

Nyköping harbour

We found some lunch at the harbour at Nyköping.
IMGP4733.JPG Location
IMGP4738.JPG Location
IMGP4739.JPG Location

October 27, 2008

Nynäs Slott

I dropped A. off at the airport and popped in to Nynäs Slott on the way home.
IMGP4743.JPG Location
IMGP4748.JPG Location

October 28, 2008


The nearest town to Nynäs slott is Trosa, a small old town apparently rebuilt in 1719 but now the home of some of the richest people in Sweden.
IMGP4753.JPG Location
IMGP4755.JPG Location

October 29, 2008

Jan Fridegårds minnesstuga

Jan Fridegårds (also known as Johan Fridolf Johansson) (link in swedish) was a prolateriat writer who died in the '60s, this is a cottage and garden dedicated to his memory. It was such an odd thing that I had to stop to take a look, but couldn't figure out what any of it was until I looked him up when I got home.
IMGP4765.JPG Location

October 30, 2008

The Brandskog ship

The Brandskogskeppet ("fire forest ship") is a carving of a ship in the forest at the edge of what was once a lake - the land has been rising for centuries and it is now by a lush valley.
IMGP4780.JPG Location
IMGP4781.JPG Location

October 31, 2008

Rock carvings around Hemsta

Not far from the Brandskogship are a number of other rock carvings showing various important things from their time - a lot of ships and herds of animals, along with a number of people.
IMGP4793.JPG Location
IMGP4797.JPG Location
IMGP4798.JPG Location
IMGP4809.JPG Location
IMGP4812.JPG Location
IMGP4817.JPG Location
IMGP4821.JPG Location
IMGP4826.JPG Location

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