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November 1, 2008


The town of Enköping is just over half an hours drive west from here, it is a small old town with a lot of history both in and around.
IMGP4830.JPG Location
IMGP4833.JPG Location
IMGP4835.JPG Location
IMGP4836.JPG Location

November 2, 2008

Svinnegarn runestone

"Järand reste dessa stenar efter Jarl, sin son. Guo hjälpe hans ande"
"Järand raised this stone after Jarl, his son. Who helped ???"
IMGP4837.JPG Location
IMGP4839.JPG Location

November 3, 2008

Markim gravefields

Just outside the small village of Markim there are some gravefields.
IMGP4846.JPG Location
IMGP4849.JPG Location
IMGP4851.JPG Location
IMGP4853.JPG Location

November 4, 2008

Markim runestone

Near the Markim gravefields there is a rune stone, U338.
"þurstin × uk × ragnfriR × þu ristu × stin × þina × iftiR × biur[n] × i krnbu
× bruþur × kalfs × anum × ua[at × uikmu - - R × ku]þ ihlbi × [o]ns × ot × uk × salu × bitr × þan × on karþ[i] - il"
"Þorstæinn ok Ragnfriðr þau ræistu stæin þenna æftiR Biorn i Gr[a]nby, broður Kalfs. Hanum va at Vigm[un]dr. Guð hialpi hans and ok salu bætr þan hann gærði [t]il."
"Torsten och Ragnfrid de reste denna sten efter Björn i Granby, Kalvs broder. Honom dräpte Vigmund. Gud hjälpe hans ande och själ bättre än han förtjänade."
"Torsten and Ragnfrid they raised this stone after Björn in Granby, Kalv's brother. Him killed Vigmund. God help his spirit and soul better than he deserved."
IMGP4855.JPG Location
IMGP4856.JPG Location
IMGP4858.JPG Location

November 5, 2008

Granby runestone

"+ hemik + uk + sialfi + uk + iohan + þeiR + lata hakua + eftR + faþur sin + finuiþ + uk + uarkas × uk × rahnfriþ + uk moþur sina + uk + at + ikikerþi + uk + at + kalf + uk + kiarþar + u- ...-at + (h)an ati ' ein × alt fyrst × þat × uaru × freantr þeia + koþ : hialbi + ant þaira + uiseti + risti × runa þisa"
"HæmingR ok Sialfi ok Iohan þæiR lata haggva æftiR faður sinn Finnvið, ok Vargas(?)/Varghôss(?) ok Ragnfriðr, ok moður sina, ok at Ingigærði ok at Kalf ok Gærðar o[k] <...-at>. Hann atti æinn allt fyrst. Þat vaRu frændr þæiRa. Guð hialpi and þæiRa. Viseti risti runaR þessaR."
"Hemingr and Sjalfi and Jóhan, they have cut (the stone) in memory of their father Finnviðr and Vargas(?)/Varghôss(?) and Ragnfríðr and their mother, and in memory of Ingigerðr and in memory of Kalfr and Gerðarr and ... He alone owned all at first. These were their kinsmen. May God help their spirits. Véseti carved these runes."
IMGP4863.JPG Location
IMGP4864.JPG Location
IMGP4865.JPG Location
IMGP4870.JPG Location
IMGP4871.JPG Location

November 6, 2008

Orkesta ruined manor

Near the small town of Orkesta is a ruined manor house - really it is just foundations now but the artists impression on an information board nearby suggest it was at one time an impressive building.
IMGP4878.JPG Location
IMGP4879.JPG Location

November 7, 2008

Angarns runestones

Some rune stones outside Angarns Kyrka.
IMGP4880.JPG Location
U204: "Alle lät resa denna sten efter Ulv, sin son. Fader till Frögärd i Väsby. Rätt är ristat"
IMGP4881.JPG Location
U203: "Björn och Vigunn läto resa stenen efter Sven, sin fosterson"
IMGP4882.JPG Location
U202: "Orökja och Igul läto resa stenen (efter) Torbjörn(?), sin fader."
IMGP4885.JPG Location

November 8, 2008

Mörby borgruin

I found something called a 'borgruin' on the map, so had to go and find out what that was. Turns out that its a ruined manor house, which, in its day, must have been an impressive property looking out over the lake.
IMGP4889.JPG Location
IMGP4891.JPG Location
IMGP4892.JPG Location
IMGP4894.JPG Location
IMGP4898.JPG Location
IMGP4900.JPG Location
IMGP4901.JPG Location

November 9, 2008


Broborg is an ancient hill fort in Knivsta kommun, it remains somewhat imprenetrable even these days, with the signs suggesting that you climb several banks of boulders to reach the top - there is a better way up but I didn't find that until I had already scaled the rocks.
IMGP4908.JPG Location
IMGP4913.JPG Location

November 10, 2008

Gamla Stan at night

The nights are drawing in now, giving me a chance to head to Gamla Stan and take some more pictures of the city lit up across the water.
IMGP4916.JPG Location
IMGP4919.JPG Location
IMGP4923.JPG Location
IMGP4925.JPG Location
IMGP4928.JPG Location

November 11, 2008

Kista after dark again

Some more pictures of Kista after dark.

November 12, 2008

Swamps near Vaxholm

I took the car to Vaxholm, stopping at some swamps along the way.
IMGP4936.JPG Location

November 13, 2008

Bogesunds Slott

In the swamps outside Vaxholm is Bogesunds Slott, a fortified manor.
IMGP4940.JPG Location
IMGP4943.JPG Location
IMGP4950.JPG Location

November 14, 2008

Rindö redoubt

On the other side of the channel past Vaxholm is Rindö redoubt. I was looking for lunch but instead found a modern art museum just opening for a new show. This was a little peculiar. Its a fort built late in the 19th century to protect Stockholm from invading Russian ships, but has now been converted into an art gallery.
IMGP4961.JPG Location
IMGP4963.JPG Location
IMGP4964.JPG Location

November 15, 2008

Fredriksborg Ruin

Beyond Rindö Redoubt I was looking for Fredriksborg Ruin, an abandoned castle, but ended up missing the road and heading off into the countryside - eventually I figured out I'd gone too far along the main road and headed back to find the track to the ruin. There were a number of other people there taking photographs.
IMGP4971.JPG Location
IMGP4978.JPG Location
IMGP4983.JPG Location
IMGP4986.JPG Location
IMGP4988.JPG Location

November 16, 2008


Siggesta Gård is an art and leisure centre on the road back from Fredricksborg Ruin to Stockholm. There are a number of outdoor activities here, including quite a fun looking minigolf and pony riding.
IMGP4992.JPG Location
IMGP4995.JPG Location

November 17, 2008


On the way back from Fredricksborg ruin I stopped at Gustavsberg, the home of toilet manufacturing in Sweden.
IMGP4998.JPG Location
IMGP5004.JPG Location
IMGP5005.JPG Location

November 18, 2008

Cedergrenska tornet

When I visited Inverness I spotted a tower in the distance which I had intended to return to, to find out more. It is now a conference centre.
IMGP5014.JPG Location

November 19, 2008

Haga slott

I've driven past Haga Park a number of times - Haga Slott is one of the many royal palaces still in use in Stockholm. It was a beautiful autumnal day with the leaves turning and falling, showing off their best colours.
IMGP5016.JPG Location
IMGP5021.JPG Location
IMGP5024.JPG Location
IMGP5026.JPG Location
IMGP5030.JPG Location

November 20, 2008

Haga Tinghus

The tinghus (courthouse) is a building I had been meaning to visit for a long time having seen it many times from the road - it is in Haga Park.
IMGP5038.JPG Location

November 21, 2008

Haga borgruin

In the grounds of Haga Slott are the ruins of an old palace, a building that must have been impressive in its day, but which is now little more than foundations.
IMGP5048.JPG Location
IMGP5050.JPG Location
IMGP5051.JPG Location
IMGP5052.JPG Location

November 22, 2008

Steninge Slott

On the way to Sigtuna I spotted a sign to Steninge Slott, a manor house and art glass workshop.
IMGP5064.JPG Location
IMGP5066.JPG Location
IMGP5068.JPG Location
IMGP5075.JPG Location

November 23, 2008

Sigtuna town

The small town of Sigtuna is situated on the shores of the lake to the north west of Stockholm, was at one time an important city, albeit a small one. Its population has grown significantly in recent years with the arrival of the nearby Arlanda airport.
IMGP5103.JPG Location
IMGP5104.JPG Location

November 24, 2008

Sigtuna medieval church

In the centre of Sigtuna are the ruins of a medieval abbey.
IMGP5088.JPG Location
IMGP5097.JPG Location
IMGP5099.JPG Location

November 25, 2008

Sigtuna rune stones

In the churchyard by the Medieval Abbey in Sigtuna is a rune stone and a couple of fragments built into a small building.
IMGP5092.JPG Location
IMGP5094.JPG Location
IMGP5095.JPG Location
IMGP5096.JPG Location
U380 & U381 - "Åsbjörn och kus lät...Gud hjälpe anden...efter Orm..."
IMGP5100.JPG Location
IMGP5102.JPG Location
U379 - "The Frisian guild brothers let raise this stone after Torkel, thier guild brother. God help his spirit. Torbjörn cut."

November 26, 2008

Another visit to Uppsala

I went back to Uppsala.
IMGP5112.JPG Location
IMGP5114.JPG Location
IMGP5130.JPG Location
IMGP5134.JPG Location
IMGP5135.JPG Location

November 27, 2008

Uppsala church rune stones

In the grounds of Uppsala Cathedral there are more runestones
IMGP5117.JPG Location - U933
"Borga let ræisa stæin æftiR Stynbior[n] ... [Th]orkell let æftiR brodhur sinn."
"Borga had the stone raised in memory of Stynbjôrn ... Thorkell had (it raised) in memory of his brother."
IMGP5119.JPG Location
IMGP5120.JPG Location - U935
IMGP5122.JPG Location U934
"ThoriR ok HrøRikR / HrødhingR / RydhingR ok Karl, thæiR br[ødhr] ..."
"Thórir and Hrœríkr / Hrœdhingr / Rydhingr and Karl, these brothers ..."
IMGP5123.JPG Location - U931
IMGP5125.JPG Location
IMGP5127.JPG Location Unknown
IMGP5128.JPG Location
IMGP5116.JPG Location

November 28, 2008

Revisiting Uppsala slott

Standing above the city of Uppsala is the imposing Slott.
IMGP5139.JPG Location

November 29, 2008

Uppsala riverside park

There is a river running through the centre of Uppsala.
IMGP5141.JPG Location
IMGP5143.JPG Location
IMGP5145.JPG Location

November 30, 2008

Lunda Kyrka rune stone

"Halvdan reste denna sten efter Ragnvald sin fader, och Dan sin broder, dugande män"
"Halvdan raised this stone for Ragnvald, his father, and Dan, his brother, ??? man"

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