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December 2, 2007


I got off the boat to Vaxholm to explore while I awaited the next return boat back to the city centre. The town itself is a small town of around 5000 people, sometimes considered the capital of the archipelago.

It is not a large town, though it does have an impressive castle, standing protecting the waterway connecting Stockholm to the Baltic sea. The town is largely made of wooden built houses, with a few modern buildings of other materials.

IMGP1690.JPGI took this picture because I liked the ancient trees, but then noticed the driver training setup
IMGP1694.JPG The top of the tourist information building by the town square
IMGP1699.JPG A petrol station
IMGP1704.JPG Signpost
IMGP1705.JPG Sunset over the car ferries

December 3, 2007

Högalids kyrka

A picture of Högalids kyrka (swedish) - just as it came from the camera. A spooky night indeed.


Road to Skavsta

I hired a car to collect A from the airport upon her return recently, it had snowed a little in the few days beforehand, but the roads themselves were clear. The cars here come with spiked tyres, which make quite a racket when theres no snow underwheel.

IMGP1711.JPG Lunch stop
IMGP1712.JPG The most boring looking car ever
IMGP1713.JPG On the road
IMGP1720.JPG Snow in the woods by a service area

December 4, 2007


At the end of the road to Skavsta there is the small industrial town of Nyköping, the NYO Skavsta gets its IATA airport code from.

The town itself clearly used to be a major industrial centre, but now it is more of a tourist centre, with the old mills next to the river turned into heritage museums and handcraft shops. Unfortunately I didn't find the river until after dark so didn't get to see it properly, so would like to explore it a little more during daylight.

IMGP1722.JPG Nyköping high street
IMGP1724.JPG A statue in the park
IMGP1726.JPG The park
IMGP1734.JPG A water fountain in the main square
IMGP1736.JPG The main square, looking down the high street
IMGP1739.JPG Some gardens near the industrial heritage area
IMGP1741.JPG More gardens
IMGP1743.JPG A memorial to the industry in the town

December 13, 2007

Skansen again

We went to Skansen again when my sister came to visit.

IMGP1748.JPG The circus building next to Skansen
IMGP1751.JPG A wooden elephant
IMGP1754.JPG Belfry beyond the fairground
IMGP1755.JPG The ice dome in the distance
IMGP1788.JPG A traditional building
IMGP1789.JPG Through the glass from the cafe in the centre of the town quarter

December 14, 2007

Ice skating in Kungstragården

We found some ice skating in Kungstragården, a lot of the squares (or torgs) here have public skating rinks in. These are available for all to use.


December 16, 2007

Sunset at Skansen

Some views over the city at the end of our day at Skansen - it was a particularly beautiful sunset.


Igelbäcken natur reserve

Between Kista and the centre of Stockholm the TBana passes through a nature reserve. This forms a part of the cities green belt, and is marked with a series of paths and cross country tracks, with different colours denoting different distance circuits.

IMGP1831.JPG An aerial in Kista
IMGP1835.JPG One of the cross country paths
IMGP1842.JPG Kista science tower in the distance
IMGP1845.JPG An ancient valley
IMGP1837.JPG Another cross country track

December 18, 2007

Kista in the snow

Kista looks quite different in the snow.

Nyköping again

One day I'm going to see Nyköping by daylight. But not until we're a bit closer to summer. I took a wander along the riverside from the town centre toward the sea.
IMGP1863.JPG Looking up at the monument to industry
IMGP1866.JPG More Ugly Wood Art
IMGP1871.JPG Floodlit across the water

December 20, 2007


I thought I'd take advantage of having a car and have a bit of a drive around after dropping A off at the airport. A quick look at the map showed a labyrinth near Bro, so that seemed like a viable destination. However I got a bit distracted on the way there and found myself following signs to Lindormsnäs.

Its a small village on a ness pointing out into Lake Mälaren. I was a little disappointed when I got there how unimportant the lake seems to be to the village, its something at the bottom of the fields, rather than being a central part of character of the place.

IMGP1879.JPG A Saab graveyard
IMGP1880.JPG Mistletoe

Låssa church

Around the corner from Lindormsnäs is Låssa, the village closest to the Rösaring Stone Labyrinth - the maze itself is buried deep in a country park/nature reserve beyond the village. I didn't have time to visit it before returning the car so is a place I want to revisit when I have some more time.


Låssa rune stone

Just along the road from Låssa church there is a rune stone. This isn't as well restored as some of the others I have seen.


December 21, 2007

Lilla Rinkeby

Wandering around another part of Kista, next to the nature reserve there is another, quite different, nature reserve. This is a marshy area with a walkway across the swamp to a little birdwatching shelter. The day I was there it had frozen overnight so the walkway was treacherous.

IMGP1893.JPG The walkway
IMGP1896.JPG Looking back at the science tower from another angle

Wandering around Kista again

Exploring Kista some more, on my way back from Lilla Rinkeby I found a few more things to photograph.

IMGP1890.JPG At a school in Kista
IMGP1900.JPG TBana heading toward the station and the Galleria
IMGP1905.JPG The science tower, from yet another angle

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